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We fully understand that settling into a new home is more than just packing and unpacking. Employees dealing with new situations in a foreign language, which they may or may not be familiar with, can lose time, become stressed. Added to which mistakes may be made because they do not know the local laws or customs.

In Portugal, expats might be surprised to find that a house does not usually have lights in place or even a full kitchen. Their appliances might need different plugs or electrical transformers. It is safer if experienced workmen perform these tasks.

Triplicado Fix & Clean helps overcome these difficulties by providing a comprehensive handyman and maid service, including:

  • Lighting installation
  • Furniture and shelving assembly
  • Hanging pictures and curtains
  • Changing plugs and bulb receptacles
  • Gardening and outdoor maintenance
  • Cleaning, ironing, and domestic help

Triplicado offers a standard and tailored package of services to cover everyone’s needs be they large or small. Our friendly team of local professionals will be on hand to ensure that your settling in, stay, and departure are not burdened with unnecessary chores or risks.

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