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Relocation Services

Triplicado is a full-service relocation provider, offering a complete range of assistance services, as well as tailor-made solutions: 

Pre-Move Orientation or "Look-See" Visit

Program duration: half day (can be extended to one or more days as required)

A well-organized "Look-See" visit will provide answers to the clientís most important questions concerning lifestyle arrangements in the new location. Residential community overview includes area familiarization, shopping, medical, schools, and other specific client needs. Viewing of sample housing in one or two areas.

Home Search Programs

Program duration: 1-4 days

  • 1 Day home finding program: this program is for short-term accommodation.
  • 2 Day home finding program: this program is for assignees without children seeking an apartment or townhouse for a lease period of more than 12 months.
  • 3-4 Day home finding program: this program is for assignees who are looking for a large apartment or detached house, for lease periods of more than 12 months.

Settling-In Services

Program duration: half day (or one or more days by special arrangement)

Ongoing support services available to make sure that frustrations and issues arising post-move do not undermine success of assignment. (Where to find a plumber, electrician, or maid etc.)

Special Project Services

Group Move

Providing services to help the client company effect the relocation of a group of employees and their families in a "project-management" mode, providing a variety of services to a group of individuals over a protracted time scale in liaison with a single client.

Key service elements can include:

  • Holding pre-move group presentations to employees and their families about the destination area with special focus on housing and living conditions
  • Setting up "on site" information centers for employees and their families
  • Developing special information materials customized to the needs of the group
  • Conducting individual counseling sessions with employees and their families aimed at solving individual practical needs in the destination
  • Arranging group orientation tours in the destination area
  • Individual or group seminars on managing move-related stress and "culture shock"
  • Close liaison with HR managers on both relocation policy and logistics issues
  • Clients also receive a welcome pack containing practical and up-to-date information about living in Portugal.

Cross Cultural Training

Each client is assessed to understand their needs to minimize the impact of "culture shock" and enable them to operate in a new environment quickly and comfortably.

Documentation Services

  • Work and residence permit

  • Identity card

  • Driverís license

  • Tax number

  • Assistance with car importation

Repatriation/Departure Program

Program duration: one and a half to two days

  • Lease termination and move-out assistance

  • Help with recovery of rental housing deposit

  • Household goods removal co-ordination

  • Consolidation of local accounts

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